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Hello and welcome to my blog. This is where I come to tell stories, share new discoveries and to talk about mindfulness, happiness, finding your purpose in life and celebrating creativity and the simple pleasures. Oh, and food… because we’ve all got to eat, right?

My own family is going through a journey towards a simpler, more mindful, and (hopefully!) happier life, and part of my intention for this blog is to chronicle our adventures in these areas. I’m a coach and an editor, so the blog is also a place to discuss creativity and a space to talk about issues that come up all the time in my coaching sessions, from how to make the right choices for you, to how to balance your day job with your creative work or (one of the really big ones), what to do with your life… I should probably point out that I definitely don’t have all the answers here, but I think it’s all the more important to keep exploring the questions nevertheless. These are some of the big ideas that can get buried in the day to day busy-ness of just living our lives, so the blog (like a coaching session) is an attempt to step back from this to say, how do I want my life to be? How could it be better than it is now? Can I slow down and appreciate what I have properly in the moment?

So, make yourself at home here, and if you have any questions, just get in touch. You can reach me here:

sophy (at) claritycreateschange (dot) com


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